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Table 1 The single surgeon’s experience with the C-Qur mesh. Patient 3 is the patient described in this case report. NA indicates missing data

From: Inflammatory reaction to fish oil coated polypropylene mesh used for laparoscopic incisional hernia repair: a case report

No. Type of surgery Duration Complication Treatment of complication (if any) Outcome at 6 months if there was complication
1 Laparoscopic incisional 2 h 30 min Adhesions and seroma Adhesiolysis Recovered, well
2 Laparoscopic left inguinal 1 h 50 min None   
3 Laparoscopic incisional NA Foreign body reaction Mesh explantation Recovered, well
4 Laparoscopic incisional 5 h and 35 min Haematoma   Recovered, well
5 Laparoscopic umbilical 2 h 15 min Haematoma and wound infection   Recovered, Well
6 Laparoscopic bilateral inguinal 2 h 30 min None   
7 Laparoscopic incisional 2 h 10 min None   
8 Laparoscopic bilateral inguinal 2 h and 35 min None   
9 Laparoscopic paraumbilical 55 min None   
10 Laparoscopic paraumbilical NA Wound and mesh infection Removal of mesh (infected) Recovered, well
11 Laparoscopic paraumbilical NA Seroma   Recovered, well