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Table 1 Characteristics of patients undergoing surgery for pulmonary sequestration

From: Safe transection of aberrant arteries associated with pulmonary sequestrations

Case No. Side Segment Operation Number of abnormal artery Diameter of abnormal artery Stapler1
1 L S 10 lobectomy 1 10 mm White
2 R S 6+10 lobectomy N/A N/A White
3 L S 10 segmentectomy 1 20 mm Blue
4 L S 10 lobectomy 1 10 mm Gray
  1. 1Staple height (closed): white cartridge, 1.0 mm; blue cartridge, 1.5 mm; green cartridge, 0.75 mm.
  2. L: lobectomy; N/A: not available; S: segmentectomy; TS: open thoracotomy; VATS: video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery.