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Table 4 Details of patients who underwent surgery (n = 14)

From: Hepatobiliary and pancreatic tuberculosis: A two decade experience

No. Age/sex Working diagnosis Per-op findings Surgical Procedure Final diagnosis
1 19/F Haemobilia Infected hydatid cyst SOL segment VIII 5 × 5 cm containing blood mixed purulent material, CBD dilated with clot Segment VIII excision with CBD exploration and T-tube drainage. Hepatic TB
2 60/M Sol liver ? possibly HCC SOL in segment 2 and 3, enlarged LN in hepatoduodenal ligament, distended GB, dilated CBD, enlarged spleen with blackish spots Left lateral segmentectomy with splenectomy and chlecystojejunostomy Hepatic TB, splenic TB.
3 46/M Carcinoma GB Mass in fundus GB, involving segment 4 of liver adherent to duodenum, multiple enlarged LN, CBD 8 mm Enbloc resection of GB, segment IVB, V, with LN resection antrum and 1st part duodenum, GJ. GB TB
4 41/M Haemobilia GB thick walled with necrosed posterior wall contained clots, CBD not dilated, multiple nodules over parietal, visceral peritoneum Cholecsytectomy with omental biopsy GB TB
5 33/F GB polyp GB contained polypoidal mass, few enlarged mesenteric LN, tubo-ovarian mass Cholecystectomy and lymph node biopsy GB TB
6 35/M Carcinoma GB with gallstones GB contracted and thick walled, type I Mirizzi syndrome, proximal CBD dilated with multiple enlarged periportal LN, no stones in GB and CBD. Cholecystectomy with CBD exploration with T tube drainage with LN biopsy Periportal LN TB, Chronic cholecystitis
7 70/M Carcinoma GB GB thickened with multiple stones, no obvious mass, CBD dilated with 1.5 cm stone, enlarged LN along periportal region Cholecystectomy with CBD exploration with T tube drainage with Frozen section Periportal LN TB* chronic cholecystitis
8 46/F Carcinoma head of pancreas Large abscess cavity extending from caudate to retroduodenal area, multiple gallstones, CBD dilated 1.5 cm Exploratory laparotomy + frozen section + cholecystectomy & Roux en y choledochojejeunostomy Periportal LN TB* Chronic cholecystitis
9 56/F Cholangiocarcinoma Mass in mid-CDB circumferential, encasing portal vein and right hepatic artery, multiple LN Palliative hepaticojejunostomy, LN biopsy, CBD bx Bile duct TB
10 55/F Cholangiocarcinoma Mass CBD with multiple enlarged LN, confluence patent, no liver metastasis Hepaticojejunostomy with frozen section Periportal LN TB*bile duct no evidence of malignancy
11 37/M Pancreatitis, left sided portal hypertension, biliary stricture Hard shrunken pancreas with multiple collaterals, splenomegaly, dilated CBD Distal pancreatectomy, splenectomy with choledochojejunostomy Pancreatic TB
12 60/M Periampullary carcinoma Mass periampullary region 2 cm size, dilated CBD, small GB, few LN Whipple pancreaticoduodenectomy with FJ Peripancreatic LN TB
13 21/M Periampullary carcinoma Bulky head with enlarged peripancreatic, pericholedochal, and paraduodenal LN Whipple pancreaticoduodenectomy with FJ Pancreatic and peripancreatic LN TB
14 30/M Periampullary carcinoma Mass lower end CBD, 3 × 3 cm infiltrating pancreas with dilated CBD Whipple pancreaticoduodenectomy with FJ Pancreatic and peripancreatic LN TB
  1. * Diagnosis obtained from tissue intraoperatively from frozen section
  2. • Tissue sent for frozen section did not provide a diagnosis