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Table 2 Schedule of study related activities and data collection. The following study related activities are planned for each subject. Blood samples already taken in the routine process at the planned time do not have to be taken twice.

From: HEGPOL: Randomized, placebo controlled, multicenter, double-blind clinical trial to investigate hepatoprotective effects of glycine in the postoperative phase of liver transplantation [ISRCTN69350312]

  Clinical period Follow-up period
Study related activity pre-OP OP ICU-entry POD 1 POD 2–7 POD 8  
Informed consent x       
Medical history x       
Physical examination x       
Donor and graft history   x      
Randomisation   x      
Treatment   x   x x   
Safety parameters (measured after 5 a.m. before additional treatment, unless otherwise stipulated)
12-lead ECG x      x  
Vital signs x   x x x x  
Blood chemistry x   x x x x  
Haematological parameters x   x x x x  
Coagulation parameters x   x x x x  
CyA (trough concentration)     x x x  
Pregnancy testing x       
Efficacy Parameters (measured after 5 a.m. before additional treatment, unless otherwise stipulated)
Biopsy   x (immediately after rearterialisation)  
Blood flow in portal vein and common hepatic artery   x (1 hour after reperfusion)  
AST, ALT x   x# x# x x  
Biltotal, Bildir, Quick, AT III x   x x x x  
Gly*   x    x (POD3)   
KreaS, HS x   x x x x  
24-hours-urine (VolU, KreaU)     start x x  
Indicators for early onset of graft failure     x x x  
Occurrence of late onset of graft failure        X
  1. #; AST and ALT will be measured every 4 to 6 hours during the first 24 hours after ICU entry.
  2. *; Samples for glycine plasma level has to be collected immediately after first study drug application during surgery and on POD 3 (after study drug application).