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Table 1 Study Selection Criteria.

From: Systematic quantitative overviews of the literature to determine the value of diagnostic tests for predicting acute appendicitis: study protocol

Population: Patients suspicious to have acute appendicitis
Diagnostic tests:
Prediction rules
Inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein, leucocytes count)
Transabdominal ultrasound
Computer Tomography (CT)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Diagnostic laparoscopy clinical history and physical examination
Outcome measures: Test accuracy, morbidity and mortality from misdiagnosis
Study design: Diagnostic test studies will be selected. They consist of observational studies (prospective or cross-sectional) of defined non-randomised populations in which the results of the diagnostic test of interest are compared with the results of a reference standard allowing generation of a 2 × 2 table to compute indices of diagnostic accuracy.