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Table 1 List of patients

From: Reconstruction option of abdominal wounds with large tissue defects

  Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3
Comorbidities -Obesity (BMI = 58,38) -Arterial Hypertension -Obesity (BMI = 64,06)
-Arterial Hypertension -Ischemic Heart Disease -Ischemic Heart Disease
-Ischemic Heart Disease -Operations: cataracta l.dx., umbilical hernia (1996), recurrence and reoperation with mesh (1999, 2000, 2007), 2009 together with fistula to mesh extraction -Arterial Hypertension
-Diabetes type II on Insulin -Diabetes type II on Insulin
-Hyperlipidemia -Hyperlipidemia
-Operations: Hernioplasty for epigastric hernia (2000)
Medications used -Chronic medication (antihypertensives, betablocker, insulin, hypolipidemics)   -Chronic medication (antihypertensives, insulin, hypolipidemics, aspirin)
-In-hospital medication: infusion therapy, all in one, albumin, LMWH, PPI, antibiotics (betalactams, carbapenems, chinolones, metronidazole, fluconazole), insulin, adrenalin, noradrenalin, furosemide, ambroxol, analgetics, sufentanil, midazolam -Chronic medication (antihypertensives) -In-hospital medication: infusion therapy, LMWH, PPI, antibiotics (betalactams), ambroxol, analgetics, insulin
-In-hospital medication: infusion therapy, LMWH, PPI, antibiotics (betalactams), ambroxol, analgetics
Duration of the hospitalization 65 days 51 days 66 days
  1. Patients, comorbidities, medications used and time of hospitalization.