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Table 1 Characteristics of the patients with urethral metastasis from colorectal cancer

From: Urethral metastasis from a sigmoid colon carcinoma: a quite rare case report and review of the literature

  Author Age Gender Primary site Stage Recc Interval Size Symptom Operation Aduvant therapy Outcome
1 Selikowitz SM et al [5]. 48 M Rectum NS M 5Y NS Urinary obstruction None None 6 M Dead
2   75 M Sigmoid Dukes’ D M 6 M NS Slowig of the urinary stream None Chemo + iridium 2 M Dead
3 Okaneya T et al [6]. 47 M Sigmoid Dukes’ C M 2Y NS Gross hematuria Resection None 84 M Alive
4 Stragier J et al [7]. 68 F Rectosigmoid Dukes’ D S NS 1 cm Obstructive micturition Anterior resection + wedge resection Rad + Chemo 6 M Alive
5 Kupfer HW et al [8]. 67 M Rectum Dukes’ B M 3Y NS Voiding difficulties apalpable painless tumor Partial resection Rad 10 M Dead
6 Chitale Sv et al [2]. 60 F Sigmoid Dukes’ B S NS 2.5 cm None Cystourethrectomy + bil. salphingo oopharectomy None 30 M Alive
7   72 M Rectum Dukes’ B M 2Y 2 cm Strangury mild irritative lower urinary tract symptoms None None 6 M Dead
8 Chang YH et al [9]. 62 M Ascending Dukes’ B M 2Y7M 3.5 cm Intermittent gross hamaturia Partial penectomy Rad + Chemo 20 M Alive
9 Noorani S et al [10]. 69 F Sigmoid NS S NS NS Swelling at the urethral opening Anterior resection + pelvic exentration None NS
  1. NS: Not stated; Rec: Recurrence: M: metachronous; S: synchronous; Rad: Radiation; Chemo: Chemotherapy.