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Table 6 Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

From: Use of Floseal®, a human gelatine-thrombin matrix sealant, in surgery: a systematic review

Author and year Comparator and patients per arm (n) Primary endpoint Principal results
Jo 2007[15] Floseal® (34) Postoperative recovery time and morbidity Floseal® decreased postoperative pain and narcotic pain medication use (p < 0.05 both) and resulted in a faster return to regular diet and activity (p < 0.01 both). Also shorter operative times were observed (p < 0.0001) and less blotod loss (p < 0.05) with Floseal®
Electrocautery (34)
Blackmore 2008[12] Ligatures (one fossa randomised to Floseal® and the other to ligatures) (30) Postoperative pain No reduction in pain in the Floseal® group.
Mathiasen 2004[14] Floseal® (35) Time to haemostasis and blood loss Floseal® yielded significantly shorter times to haemostasis and less blood loss (p < 0.0001 both).
Cautery (35)
Mozet 2012[13] Floseal® (89) Handling, duration, and consumption of postoperative pain medication; wound healing; and rate of postoperative haemorrhage The Floseal® group had less postoperative pain (p = 0.074), a significantly shorter duration of pain medication use (p = 0.014), and reduced pain medication consumption/demand (p = 0.032). Not significant difference in postoperative haemorrhage.
Bipolar electrocautery (87)