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Table 4 Cardiac and vascular surgeries

From: Use of Floseal®, a human gelatine-thrombin matrix sealant, in surgery: a systematic review

Author and year Comparator and patients per arm (n) Primary endpoint Principal results
Krishnan 2009[6] Floseal® (1,603) Length of hospital stay Floseal® was associated with a lower likelihood of exceeding the expected LOS compared with baseline (OR = 0.791; p < 0.01)
Surgicel® + thrombin (17,507)
Gelfoam® + thrombin (10,348)
Other (7,492)
Nasso 2009[9] Floseal® (209) Rate of successful intraoperative haemostasis and time required for haemostasis Significantly higher rates of successful haemostasis and a shorter time to haemostasis were observed in the Floseal® group (p < 0.001 both)
Topical haemostatic agent
(Surgicel® or Gelfoam®) (206)
Sugarman 2013[8] Economic comparison with 2009 Nasso study Economic value when using Floseal® to achieve haemostasis The use of Floseal® resulted in substantial net cost savings.