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Table 4 Categories and subcategories of data analysis

From: Operating room data management: improving efficiency and safety in a surgical block

Window Subject Level Type of data
M1 Facility Global Quantitative
M2 Productivity units Comparison Quantitative
M3 Productivity unit Comparison Performance
M4 Facility Efficient indicators  
M5 Surgical procedure   Qualitative
A1 Facility   Performance
A2 ORB   Pathway
A3 Surgical procedure   Qualitative
A4 Pathway   Timing
S1 Facility Global Performance
S2 Productivity unit Comparison Quantitative
S3 Surgical procedure   Qualitative
S4 DRG   Quantitative
  1. M: Manager.
  2. A: Anest+hesiologist.
  3. S: Surgeon.
  4. ORB: Operating Room Block.
  5. DRG: Diagnosis Related Groups.