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Table 1 First and second trial: timings of the surgical path process

From: Operating room data management: improving efficiency and safety in a surgical block

Timing 1st Trial 2nd Trial
  Column A Column B
1 Ward exit Ward exit
2 Entrance ORB Entrance ORB
3   Identification by nurse anesthetist
4   Entrance anesthesia room
5 Start anesthesia Start anesthesia
6   End anesthesia
7 Entrance OR Entrance OR
8 Start surgical procedure Start surgical procedure
9 End surgical procedure End surgical procedure
10 Exit OR Exit OR
11   Entrance RR
12   Exit RR
13   Identification by healthcare assistant
14   Transport ICU
15   Exit ORB
16   Ward re-entry
  1. ORB: operating room block.
  2. OR: operating room.
  3. RR: recovery room.
  4. ICU: intensive care unit.