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Table 1 Characteristics of donor and recipient.

From: Acute paranoid psychosis as sole clinical presentation of hepatic artery thrombosis after living donor liver transplantation

  Donor Recipient  
Age 43 yr. 42 yr.  
Body weight 60 kg 73 kg 1.22*
BMI† 21 24 1.17*
Blood group A Rh pos. A Rh pos.  
CMV IgG‡ pos. pos.  
HBs-Ag neg. pos.  
Anti-HBc pos. pos.  
Anti-HBs > 1000 mlU/ml < 10 mIU/ml  
Anti-HCV neg. neg.  
  1. * Recipient/Donor ratio
  2. Body mass index
  3. Cytomegalo virus IgG status (IgM both neg.)